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"Skill, passion, determination and a love for the perfect picture"

Thank you for visiting.  My name is Dirk Dreyer.  My entry into the world of photography was the fact that I'm drawn to anything with lights & buttons like a month to a flame....and a modern camera has so many interesting buttons.  Over time, photography became my life balance and is the ideal way to exercise my right brain (creative side).
I don't think I found my niche yet ...if ever.   Currently enjoy capturing live events (corporate/fun/sport/social), portraits (personal, groups, corporate, creative), and of course my other passion in life, aviation.  Also able to provide the unique perspective of aerial photography.
If you are in the greater Sacramento area and you like what you see,  please reach out.  Let's collaborate on a photo project, maybe a new professional headshot to jumpstart your career, or those very valuable family pictures.  
Thank you! I will be in contact soon.
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